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House Bolting

  • House Bolting Anaheim, CA

    House bolting is a method of securing your home to the foundation using bolts. Seismic retrofitting is a process that significantly increases the resistance of your home due to earthquake damage. House bolting or earthquake retrofitting is the process of attaching a house to its concrete foundation using anchor bolts or foundation plates. Careful planning is used for the proper installation of the foundation bolts. The type of bolts that should be used in the process should be corresponding to the existing conditions of the home and its foundation. The expected type of stress or bolt load is an important consideration for bolt selection.  

    Some of our House Bolting services are as follows:
    - Careful Planning
    - Proper Placement
    - House Bolting Installation
    - Critical issues are never neglected
    - Strengthened Bolting
    - 100% Customer Satisfaction

    We provide complete house bolting and seismic retrofit services for both residential and business owners in the entire city of Anaheim and nearby areas. So if your home needs foundation replacement in Anaheim our licensed contractors are here to assist you. We can also dispatch our team of professionals to your location if your home has suffered any type of foundation problem.

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